Clipchamp offers a range of products that let users edit, convert, compress and record videos online in their browser, or collect videos from their website users. It's free to use and doesn't require the installation of software or uploading of files.

Unlike other providers where files have to be uploaded to a server for processing, Clipchamp' technology processes video files inside the browser on the user's computer. This makes the process much faster and provides much better privacy protection as processed video files never leave the user's computer unless they decide to share them.


Clipchamp Utilities

In Clipchamp Utilities, videos can be sent directly to Google Drive, Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube or simply saved.

We've put some nifty features into the app, for instance you can upload your processed video to multiple video sharing platforms at once. In Google Chrome, you can also process multiple input videos one after the other without having to select each one individually.

The webcam recording technology Clipchamp built works inside your browser without the need for any additional plugins or software downloads, which is why it works on any kind of device including Chromebooks. You can record videos at 360p, 480p or 720p resolution, either using your computer's webcam and microphone or an external webcam and/or mic. When a recording is finished, you can edit and compress the resulting video file to make it even smaller and easier to share.

Since we launched it, millions of people have used Clipchamp, it's available in the Chrome Web Store or by just going to


Other Products

1) Clipchamp Create is a video editor accessible at

2) Clipchamp also offers an API
that enables webcam recording, video compression, video conversion and fast uploads on any website or web app - the Clipchamp video API. It uses our patent-pending tech and allows any website owner to receive video files from their users in a way that hasn't been possible before.

3) Our Video Recorder & Uploader plugin for WordPress lets any WordPress website owner embed a video recorder, converter, compressor and video uploader on their site. The plugin works in conjunction with our API.

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