Clipchamp works in the browser but without uploading your videos for processing. You also don’t need to download and install any software. Just point your web browser to Clipchamp and you are good to go. You don’t need to upload your video files to any online video conversion provider either, your files get processed on your computer.

This retains your privacy and saves valuable time and data (if you don't have a flatrate data plan).

The processing happens directly on your computer and starts immediately after you hit the “Start” button, which also means that your video file never leaves your computer unless you choose to make use of the Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or Google Drive sharing and uploading options.

The processed or recorded video files that you might see in your Clipchamp dashboard in the "Recover" section are the ones we are able to find in your browser's cache and make available in this section, they are not getting uploaded to us either. In other words, we never have access to your video files, you're in full control.

We also aim to make Clipchamp as easy to use as possible - you never need to fiddle with complicated conversion settings, just choose one of the preconfigured presets. The app works on Windows PCs, Mac, Linux and Chromebooks.

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