To register a Clipchamp account, you can either use your Google or Facebook account, your email address by itself using our magic link option or you can use the traditional email/password combination.

Note that you can use any of our signup/login options to get into your Clipchamp account - as long as these login options are connected to the same email address the system will be able to combine them and associate them with your Clipchamp account.

So for example you can create an account using the magic link option and then add an email/password sign-in option later by going through the steps described below.

If you already created an account and would now like to add an email/password login option to it, please make sure to log out of Clipchamp before following these steps.


1) Log out if you're currently logged in, then go to

If you created a Clipchamp account with Google or Facebook before, you will see a screen like this:

If that is the case, click on Not your account?.

Otherwise you'll be seeing the screen shown at 2) right away.

2) On this screen, click on "With email".


3) On the next screen, select “With Password”.

4) Then, enter the email address you’d like to register with and choose a password.

5) Click the “Sign up with password” button.


6) Next, you will see the following message



7) Go to your inbox and open the email we sent you

If it’s not in your inbox, please check your Spam folder and make sure that your (corporate) firewall settings allow emails from noreply(at) and

In the email, click the verification button or copy & paste the link underneath it into your browser’s address bar.

8) This will finalise the signup and redirect you to the Clipchamp Utilities user dashboard (or the API dashboard if that's the product you signed up for)


9) Optional - if you'd like to use the Create editor instead of Utilities or the API, click on the product switcher and jump across to Create.

NB: If you don't get redirected to the dashboard after clicking the verification link in the email, please try to navigate to the dashboard by going directly to If this also does not work, please get in touch with us through the contact widget in the bottom right corner of this article.

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