Free, Premium and Business users get access to all the same basic editing features and tools in the Create video editor

However, users who upgrade to the Create Premium Plan have the added benefit of being able to:

  • use 5 stock video and audio assets per month from our stock library, or 60 per year if subscribing to the yearly plan. If you don't use all 5 in one month, they will roll over to the next month, so you won't lose your credits.
  • export videos in the higher resolution of 720p (HD) as well as in the default free resolution of 480p (SD). There is no limit on the number of exports.

Users who upgrade to the Create Business Plan are additionally able to:

  • export videos in the highest resolution of 1080p (Full HD). There is no limit on the number of exports.

There are also Create one-off payment options that allow you to export once in 720p or 1080p. These are not plans and do not remove watermarks from stock videos.

For more information, including pricing, please visit the Create Pricing Page.


How to upgrade

If you're a free user you can upgrade to a Premium or Business Plan at any time by using the Upgrade button in the top right corner of your Create project screen, choosing a billing frequency (monthly or yearly) and entering your payment details.

Alternatively, click your account icon and choose Upgrade from the drop down.


What happens if I downgrade?

If you're a Premium or Business user and you downgrade to the Free Plan, this will take effect at the end of your current billing period.

After the end of your billing period, you’ll still have access to all your existing projects, but if they contain new stock assets, you'll no longer be able to export them without watermarks. You also won’t be able to use any credits you've accumulated during your subscription period.

If you upgrade in future, you'll regain access to both obtained stock assets and accumulated credits.


How do I see how many stock credits I have left?

Once you upgrade, you can see how many stock credits you have available by clicking your account icon in the top right and looking at the dropdown.

Stock credits are only deducted from your total when you successfully export a video with a stock asset in it. Exporting a stock asset you already bought (e.g. exporting a video full of stock videos that you already exported and had credits deducted for in the past) won't deduct any more credits from your total.


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