Accessing the team plan

The team plan provides access to the Pro features of the video tools at for a group of users at a discounted rate compared to the same number of individual subscriptions to the Business plan. Please see the video tools' pricing page for the details.

The user who signs up for the team plan becomes the Master User and can add other users to the subscription, which enables the Pro features for them as well as for the Master User. The total monthly or annual subscription charge depends on the number of team members you'd like to add to the plan with the minimum number being 5 users incl. the Master User.

Please get in touch with us through the contact widget in the bottom right corner of this page if you'd like to go on the team plan and let us know about the number of users you'd like to add.

Managing your team

Master User - after your account is upgraded to the Team Plan, you'll see a new "My Team" link in the upper right corner of your Clipchamp dashboard.

This is where you can add other Clipchamp users to your team list.

Every user that you add to this list gets access to all of Clipchamp's Pro features. You can remove and add users to the list as you see fit.

Please make sure that whoever you add has an existing free Clipchamp account in place and that you're adding the email address to the list that the person used to open their Clipchamp account so our system can find them behind the scenes.

After adding someone to the team list it can take about an hour before they see the changes in their account.

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