Our Chrome extension adds a number of new and extended features to Clipchamp Utilities in Chrome, including batch processing and Gmail video recording. In order for it to work, it requires some permissions that you as the user need to grant.

The extension allows you to:

  • record videos inside Gmail emails,
  • send video attachments in Gmail (i.e. larger video files than you'd be able to send without the extension),
  • queue input videos for batch processing on clipchamp.com,
  • sign in to Clipchamp with your existing Chrome user,
  • extend your Clipchamp account's functionality with additional features in the future.

When you install the extension for the first time, you will get asked to allow it to perform certain actions in Chrome. The Clipchamp extension might also ask for additional permissions when you use one of its features for the first time, for instance when you record a webcam video inside Gmail.

Without these permissions, the extension is not able to work and cannot be used. We only use the functions you grant access to for their intended purpose as part of our Chrome extension's functionality. We never use any of the permissions you grant for any other purpose.

1) When you install the extension for the first time

  • Read and change your data on clipchamp.com
  • Read your browsing history
  • Communicate with cooperating websites
  • Manage your downloads

These permissions are required to enable additional features on clipchamp.com and provide add-on capabilities such as batch video conversion and touch-less login.
They're also required to make extended Clipchamp features available in Gmail that will allow you to record and send video attachments. We will never access, process, forward, or store your browsing history.

2) If you'd like to use the webcam recording and video sending functionality in Gmail

  • Permission: Read and change your data on inbox.google.com and mail.google.com

Purpose: Add attachments to your email drafts in Gmail. We will never forward or store the content of your emails.

  • Permission: Display notifications

Purpose: Show browser notifications to inform you about certain events while attaching a video.

  • Permission: Know your email address

Purpose: To create a personal attachment folder in your Google Drive account where your webcam recordings and email video attachments are stored.

Granting these permissions will enable the full functionality of the Clipchamp extension for Chrome.

Once enabled, you can also modify a number of options with regards to how you want to sign in to Clipchamp (using your Chrome user or not) and how video attachments to your emails get treated.

Note that you can revoke all permissions by uninstalling the extension at any time.

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