You can adjust the exposure (brightness), saturation (colour intensity), temperature (warm or cool colours) or contrast of a video or image in your Create project by clicking on the clip in the timeline and using the sliders in the Colour menu in the top left. See below for a step by step guide with images.

You might also find our preset Filters useful to quickly improve the look of your videos. For more information, see adding filters.


Changing the saturation of a video

First, start a Create project and add your video or image file to the project's media library, then:

1. Drag and drop the video or image into the timeline

If it's not already there, drag and drop the video or image from the media library into the timeline at the bottom of your project.

2. Click on the clip in the timeline to select it

The clip will be highlighted when selected. A menu will appear in the top left:

 3. Click the Colour tab in the menu that appears

Four sliders will display (if you don't see all four, try using the scroller on the right hand side of the menu to scroll down).

4. Drag the Saturation slider left or right

To make the clip more intensely coloured: drag the toggle on the Saturation slider to the right

To make the clip more faded or desaturated: drag the toggle on the Saturation slider to the left

NOTE: if you move the Saturation slider all the way to the left, your video will become black and white (have no colour at all)

You'll see a preview of what your adjusted video will look like to the right in the window where the video plays.

5. Drag the Temperature slider left or right

To get a warmer colour: drag the toggle on the Temperature slider to the right

To get a cooler colour: drag the toggle on the Temperature slider to the left

6. Close the Colour window

Once you are finished adjusting, simply close the Colour menu by clicking the X in the top right.

NOTE: You can also adjust the brightness by moving the Exposure slider, or the contrast by moving the Contrast slider. Please see this how to brighten or darken a video article if you would like visual examples.


In our example video below you can see the difference now that the saturation has been decreased and the temperature increased, which gives it a more old-fashioned sepia tone:




Undoing a colour change

You can return the video to its original state at any time by selecting it in the timeline, opening the Colour menu again and clicking the Reset button in the bottom left.

Alternatively, drag and drop the original video into your timeline again from your media library.


If you would like to add a colour mask over your video to give it a distinctive hue (e.g. green or purple), and you can't do it with the above colour options, see "adding a semi-transparent colour mask" at the end of this article about backgrounds.


Try it out

Ready to get started? Head straight to Create to try it out for yourself:

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