To learn how to add text, a title or a subtitle to the timeline of your Create project, watch our video tutorial, or scroll down for detailed instructions and images:

How to add text to your video

1. Click the title menu button 

Select Title in the menu on the left side of your project.

2. Choose a title from the menu

Hover your cursor over the title squares to see what they look like. 

The different templates have different motions (how the text appears and disappears). It is not possible to manually change these motions, other than by choosing a new template.

You might need to scroll using the bar on the right hand side to see all of the options:

3. Drag and drop a title into the timeline

Once you've found a title you like, drag and drop it from the menu into your timeline. A new track will appear above your videos with the title clip in it. 

4. Change the location and length of the title in the timeline

Move the title clip in the timeline so it is above the part of the video you want it to appear on. Hold-click and drag the edges to trim or stretch it to your desired length.

TIP: To make your title duration more exact, you can position the scrubber (the horizontal white line with a circle on top) where you want your title to start or end, then hold-click and drag the edge of your title clip toward it till it snaps into position.

5. Click on the title clip to display the Heading menu

Click on your title in the timeline so it is selected (it will be highlighted). A Heading menu will appear above in the top left of the editor.

The menu looks like this:

6. Type the text you want into the text field

In the Heading menu, delete the default 'Title Heading' in the text field and write your own text in its place:

If you need more space to see and work with your text, drag the bottom right corner of the text field down.

TEXT POSITION: In some templates the text appears centred and in others it appears in the bottom left. If you would like to reposition the text, adding spaces and returns in the text field of some templates will allow you to do this. For further details see: Can I change the position of title text?

7. Change the font, colour, size or style of your text

In this menu you can also adjust the typeface, color, transparency, size and style (bold or italic) of the text:

In our example, the title now looks like this:

8. If necessary, edit your Subtitle

If you chose a title with a subtitle, you will also need to edit the text of your subtitle. Click on the Subtitle tab and follow the same process as you did above. 

9. If necessary, edit your Background

Many title templates have backgrounds that darken, blur or cover what is behind the title. Some also have lines that move with the text.

If you want to change the colour or transparency of one of these backgrounds or lines, click the Background tab (to the right of the Heading or Subtitle tab).

In our example, there is a semi-transparent grey background that we have decided we want to remove. To do this we drag the transparency slider in the background menu all the way to the left, like this:

Now the video behind the title is more visible and not darkened by the background:

10. Close the Title editing menu

Once you are finished editing your title, you can close the Heading/Subtitle/Background menu by clicking the X in the top right.


Adding a title over black or a solid colour

You can use the title's Background tab, shown above, to add a black or solid colour background behind some titles.

Alternatively, you can move the title so it's over an empty part of the timeline, like this:

Then the title will show over black, like this:

You can also add a full black, white or coloured background behind any title by dragging a background clip from the Background menu (located at the bottom of the left side menu items in your project) to the timeline underneath the title clip, like this:

To learn more about how to add and edit a background clip, see this article: Adding black or a solid colour.


Try it out

Ready to get started? Head straight to Create to try it out for yourself:

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