Yes, it's possible to add a logo or png image to your video in Create. We are working on making it possible to do all the resizing and positioning of logos inside the Create editor, however here's the way to do it at the moment:

If you want it to appear on a still background, simply create an image with the logo in it using an image editing program (it's a good idea to make sure the image is the same aspect ratio as your project) and save it as a supported image type (e.g. as a jpg or png). Then import it into Create and drag it to your timeline. See adding images for more details.

If you would like your logo or image to appear over the top of a moving video, follow the instructions below.


Placing a logo over a video

To place a logo over the top of a moving video, you will need to find or create a .png image of the logo with a transparent background (pngs with transparent backgrounds can be created in image editing software like Adobe Photoshop or a web app like

For example, here is a .png file with a transparent background:

However, if you insert this file it will expand to cover the entire video, since the logo's dimensions are only 350x90 pixels:

To prevent this from happening, you need to make sure the dimensions of the png image are the same as your project's aspect ratio before importing it into Create. 

For a widescreen (16:9) video, this means making the dimensions/canvas size of your image 1024×576 pixels.

Once you do this in your photo editing program, your image may look something like this (the checker pattern indicates the transparent background):

However you can also position the logo elsewhere in the frame, for example if you want it to appear in the bottom right of the video, put it in the bottom right of the image. 

Note: you must position the logo within the image before you import it into Create, once it's in Create you won't be able to change its position.

Now you're ready to import it into Clipchamp. Add the image to your media library, then drag and drop it into the timeline above the video:

Adjust the length of the image clip (by dragging the edges left or right) to determine how long the logo appears for:

If the logo is hard to see, or getting lost in the colours of the video, try adding a filter like blur or grey to the video. To do this, use the "Edit Video" menu that appears when you click on the clip and choose one of the options in the "Filters" dropdown:

Your finished video and logo might look something like this:

Or like this:


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