In the Create title tools it is not yet possible to drag a title to a new position in the video frame, or change the justification of (e.g. left justify or right justify) a title.

However, you can move text by:

  • Choosing a new title (with a different text position) from the title menu, OR
  • Using line-breaks (returns) and blank spaces in your text field, as well as resizing the font, to change the size and position of the text. See below for details.


How to change the position of title text

In the example below, we wanted to move the title to the top right of the screen.

First, we picked a centred title template and dragged it to the timeline:

Then in the title editing menu, we:

  • reduced the font size to 60
  • added spaces before the text to make it move to the right
  • added line breaks below the text (i.e. hit the return key several times) so it would move into the top corner

Tip: we also enlarged the text field by dragging the bottom right corner down - this makes it easier to see everything in the window.

This is the resulting title, with the text moved into the top right:

You can use the same principle of adding spaces and line breaks to move a title to the bottom left, or reposition text in other ways.

NOTE: We plan to add more title templates and title customisation options in future releases of Create.


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