If you want to save your video to your computer, you will need to export it – see: exporting your finished video.

If you want to save your progress in Create, but aren't read to export, there's no need to worry about clicking "save" – Create automatically saves your project as you work (every 5 seconds). However, this process requires a working network connection, so ensure you are connected to the internet when editing.


Keep your original  files!

It is also important you keep the original source files (the video, image and audio files you added to your project) on your computer and not delete them, because in some cases you may be required to relink these files when you reopen a project.


What if I sign out or close the browser?

If you sign out of Clipchamp, close the editor page, or close your browser, you will still be able to access and edit your project again when you return to Create and log in.

We do, however, recommend you check your cookie settings to avoid having to relink your files every time you reopen the browser. 

In a new browser tab go to chrome://settings/content/cookies and make sure "Keep local data only until you quit your browser" is turned off (grey):



If you would like to export your completed video to save it on your computer (as an mp4 video file), or share it online, see exporting your finished video.


Try it out

Ready to go? Head straight to Create to finish your video:

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