When you edit a video with Clipchamp, sometimes the resulting output file can be larger than your input media files.

This can happen if:

  • Your input video is compressed efficiently and cannot get compressed further,

  • Your input video is encoded with a codec that is more efficient than the output settings Clipchamp offers,

  • The exporting settings you select, e.g. higher resolution at high quality, are of a higher overall quality level than your source files,

  • You selected an output resolution that's bigger than your video's original resolution,

  • You've created a more complex video during editing that combines several videos, images, audio tracks, motion titles, and other elements.

How to make your exported video smaller

If you encounter these problems but want to make your video file smaller, here are some steps you can try:

  • Convert your source media files to applications that offer this kind of capability. If you search for video and image converters and compressors there are a number of free services available. These include open-source options such as Handbrake for video files.

  • Use the resulting MP4 or smaller image files in Clipchamp editing projects.

  • Select a different output resolution or quality level when exporting a video in Clipchamp.

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