*We've discontinued Utilities and video compression. For your video editing needs, check out our online video editor 👀

The Utilities Business plan has a feature that lets you restore or retrieve video files you converted, compressed or recorded during an earlier session that you forgot to save or were unable to save.

Please note that this is not the usual way of saving your videos. To learn how to save your videos after they are processed, please see: How to save a converted, compressed or recorded video.

Below we explain how to recover a video, and also why these old videos are shown even if you have not saved them.

NOTE: the recover feature does not work for Clipchamp Create videos and projects.


How to restore a video in Clipchamp Utilities

To recover a video file, you will need to upgrade to the Clipchamp Utilities Business plan (if you don't wish to continue using the Business Plan afterward, you can cancel the plan so it only lasts one month and does not renew).

After you've upgraded, find the My recent videos section in the bottom left of your dashboard:

Click See all to see a list of all available videos:

A list of recent videos will appear. Find the video you want to recover, and click the Save button next to it. 

Depending on your browser settings this will either open a save dialogue in your browser so you can choose where to save it, or automatically save the file to your downloads folder.


Why is the video I want not shown anymore?

We are able to retrieve video files if they are still stored in your browser cache (all Clipchamp Utilities videos are processed locally on your computer, they never get uploaded anywhere for processing). These files are stored temporarily, so if your cache gets cleared or overwritten they will no longer be shown. Unfortunately if a video is no longer available in 'My recent videos', there is no way for us to retrieve it for you, because we do not have copies of these files.


Why are old videos getting shown, even if I didn't save them?

There might be cases where you didn't like a video you recorded or converted, and therefore did not save it on the "Save & Share" screen. However, you may still see the video in the "My recent videos" section.

The reason for this is that the videos we show in this section are still temporarily available on your computer in your browser's cache. Due to how browsers like Chrome or Firefox work, even videos you did not save might still get shown in this section. They are not stored online anywhere.

These videos will get deleted automatically by your browser after some time. If you would like to remove them sooner, try clearing your browser cache.


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