You can use Clipchamp for free and there are also a number of paid options to choose from. The paid options that are available depend on the product you'd like to use:


Clipchamp Create (Video Editor)

The Create video editor is accessible as part of your free Clipchamp account and offers advanced in-browser video editing.

The Basic Plan is free and allows you to:

  • combine and edit your own video, image and audio files
  • add titles, filters and visual effects (e.g. slow motion, black & white, blur)
  • export as many videos as you like in 480p (SD) resolution (without watermarks if you use your own media files)
  • gain access to our library of stock videos, backgrounds, sound effects and music (watermarked unless purchased in a one-off payment)

The paid Creator Plan includes additional pro features, enabling you to:

  • export as many videos as you like in the higher resolution of 720p (HD)
  • use unlimited stock audio files (without watermarks)
  • purchase stock video files at a discounted price (without watermarks)

The paid Business Plan includes the features of Creator and in addition lets you:

  • export as many videos as you like in the higher resolution of 1080p (Full HD)
  • access custom branding features such as adding a logo

The paid Business Platinum Plan includes the features of Business and in addition lets you:

  • use unlimited video stock files (without watermarks)

Create also offers one-off payment options that allow you to purchase items if they're not included in your plan. These give you the ability to:

  • export a project in the higher resolutions of 720p or 1080p once.
  • export a project with stock assets watermark-free. You can re-use these purchased stock assets in other projects without additional cost.

To see the pricing of plans and one-off payments, please visit our pricing page.


Clipchamp Utilities (Convert/Record/Compress)

You can access the Clipchamp Utilities video tools as part of a free Clipchamp account.

The free version of this product allows you to:

  • compress unlimited videos to smaller file sizes (with a small watermark)
  • convert unlimited videos from different formats (with a small watermark)
  • record webcam videos of up to 5min

The paid Business Plan (see pricing) includes additional pro features, enabling you to:

  • convert and compress unlimited videos without watermarks
  • record webcam videos of up to 30min

The paid Enterprise Plan is designed for teams, and offers all of the features of the Business Plan, but with:

  • discounted access for teams of 5 or more



If you work in Education, we offer a number of discounted options to use the paid versions of our products. These options are exclusively available for educators

To find out more about available education discounts, get in touch with us through the contact widget in the bottom right corner of this page.


You can access the Create and Utilities products from the one Clipchamp account, but paid plans are offered separately for each product, so if you want to use the paid features of two different products (e.g. Utilities and Create), you'll need to upgrade to the paid plans for each separately. 


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