We're a young technology company based in Brisbane, Australia that offers a range of online video tools to help you edit, convert, compress and record videos. Our products don't require software installation – to use them you simply:

  • go to our website in your web browser (our video editor is here: app.clipchamp.com and our video compressor is here: util.clipchamp.com

  • sign in using Facebook, Google or an email address to create a free account 

  • start working on your videos straight away

What's different about Clipchamp? Unlike other providers, where files have to be uploaded to a server for processing, Clipchamp's cutting-edge proprietary technology processes video files inside your browser on your computer. This makes the process much faster and provides better privacy protection, because the video files never leave your computer (unless you decide to share them or use the cloud backup feature). We also aim to make our tools easy to use, so you don't need to fiddle with complicated settings.

Clipchamp offers 2 products with both free and paid plans:


Clipchamp Create

Our in-browser video editor lets you combine and edit multiple videos, images, music and titles and then export the project to your computer. You can also add visual effects, for example slowing down a video or adding a filter. 

Create currently works in the Google Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based version) on your desktop or laptop. 

It's free and easy to use, even for those with no editing experience – just sign up at app.clipchamp.com to start editing straight away, or see how it works here first.

Create paid plans offer higher export resolutions; use of advanced features; and access to stock video, music and audio.


Clipchamp Utilities

Our in-browser suite of video tools includes a video compressor and converter. It allows you to reduce video file sizes with no visible quality loss, convert video files to different formats, or record videos with your webcam.

Utilities works in a range of browsers on your desktop or laptop, but performs best in Google Chrome

Just drag and drop files and choose from simple settings – no technical skills required! Sign up at util.clipchamp.com to get started straight away.

The free version places a small watermark in the corner of your videos, and limits webcam recording to 5 minutes. The paid plan offers watermark-free videos and recordings of up to 30 minutes. 


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