Yes, you can change the email address connected to your Clipchamp account.

Step 1. Go to Settings on the editor homepage.

To find your account settings, go to or click on your profile icon in the top right corner of Clipchamp.

Close up image of Clipchamp user profile clicking settings

Step 2. Select Change Email

Click Change Email to update your email address.

Image of user profile clicking on change email button

Step 3. A new tab will open. If you still have access to that email address shown, click Send Verification code.

Close up of change email address pop up screen

A code will be sent to that respective Email address. Get the code, then paste it inside the box.

Close up of email verification code for changing email

Close up of entering the verification code sent to email address

After that, Enter your new email address and then verify.

To verify, a new code will be sent again to the new email address. Get the code then paste it inside the box.

Change email address close up of new email address

Once verified, you should see the new email address reflected right away in your account at

NOTE: At the moment, users who used the Facebook login will not be able to change their email addresses yet. They need to create a new account with their new email address or contact our Support Team for more information.

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