No, if you opened a Clipchamp account using a particular email address (or your Google or Facebook social login that is associated with that address), it is not possible to change the login email address that is connected to the account. If you signed up to one of our paid plans, the subscription is connected to the email address you used to sign up and can't be changed.

You can use different login methods (e.g. via Google, Facebook or Magic Link) to access the same Clipchamp account as long as those methods are associated with the same email address.

You can also add a different billing email address to your Clipchamp account, which is handy if you're signing up to one of our paid plans and would like your accounting department or manager to be listed as the billing contact on subscription statements. 

However, changing the log in method or billing email address won't change the email address you use to sign in to your account – unfortunately this isn't possible. We suggest starting a new Clipchamp account with the new email address (after cancelling any subscriptions) and deleting the old account.

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