The process is slightly different depending on the Clipchamp product you've subscribed to. Please see section 1) below for the Create video editor and section 2) for the Utilities product.

*We've discontinued Utilities and video compression. For your video editing needs, check out our online video editor 👀


1. Updating payment details in Create

If you've subscribed to a paid plan for the Create video editor and would like to update your payment method, you can do this on your account profile page. 

Your account profile page can be accessed at this link:, or by clicking the user icon in the bottom left of the editor and choosing Account from the dropdown.

In the Payment Method section of this page, click the Edit button.

If you don't see this section, it may be because we don't have a payment method on file for your account (e.g. because it's on a free plan). Make sure that you're logged into the correct Clipchamp account if you have more than one in place.

This opens an Update Billing Information screen where you can enter a new payment method (PayPal or credit card):

To update additional billing information such as adding a VAT number or company name, this is also possible on this screen.

When you're finished entering your new credit card or PayPal details, click Save details. This will now be saved for future payments.


2. Updating payment details for Utilities

If you've subscribed to a paid plan for Utilities and would like to change your credit card for the subscription payments, you can do so on your user profile page at See below for instructions.


After logging in to Utilities, go to your user profile and scroll down to the Payment Details section.

Then, click the Update Payment Details button.

In the window, enter your new credit card information and confirm by clicking on Change payment details.

If you encounter any errors or need assistance, please contact us through the contact widget in the bottom right of this page.


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