In this article we assume you already have a Clipchamp account with an email & password login (instead of with another login method e.g. "magic link"). If you don't, and would like to add a password login to your account, please see this article instead.


For Clipchamp the process to reset your password is as follows:

1. Make sure you're logged out of Clipchamp

Make sure you're logged out of Clipchamp, then go to

You'll see this screen:

2. Select the "use password instead" button

On this screen, you'll see a button that says use password instead — select it.

3. Let us know you forgot your password

The screen will change slightly to make room for you to log in with your password.

Because you're resetting your password, you'll need to select the forgot password button.

3. Provide us with your email

Enter your email address and select the reset password button so we can send you a reset email.

Here's a closer look at that button.

You'll then see a message asking you to check your email inbox.

4. Check your inbox

You should find an email from Clipchamp in your inbox. Open it, then select the reset my password button.

5. Reset your password

The button should open up a Clipchamp screen where you can reset your password.

Make sure your new password meets our required length — between 8 and 64 characters.

Once you're happy with your new password, select the reset password button.

You should see a message confirming your password has been reset.

6. Log in using your new password

To log in with your new password, select the back to login button on the confirmation screen or go to

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