If you use SalesForce's CRM solution, are using the Clipchamp API on your website and would like to automatically save the URL of user-uploaded videos to their SalesForce record, you can do so by following 1 of the 2 suggested procedures:

(1) You can use a third-party service like Zapier or IFTTT, which will let you configure a rule that creates or updates a record in SalesForce upon picking up a new file in the video upload destination (Google Drive, S3, Azure, Dropbox or YouTube) you nominate in your Clipchamp API settings.

(2) Alternatively, you can also programmatically update a SalesForce record by calling the SalesForce API from within a callback function.

That is, in order to get a link to the uploaded video you will need to pass a callback function to our API's "onUploadComplete" parameter. We then call that callback function with a record that contains information about the uploaded video.

Depending on the chosen upload target , we pass slightly different records to the callback, please refer to the documentation for details.

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