If you're seeing the following while implementing or using a Clipchamp button on your website

Could not retrieve media from camera/microphone common/selfie/selfieController.js

Capturing media stream failed views/standalone/webcam.js

and are not able to record any videos because the camera and microphone are not detected, this indicates that the API is not able to access the device's camera and/or microphone.

Possible reasons for this error include:

  • you have another app or browser running that is accessing the camera (e.g. Skype, or the Clipchamp API in another browser). Even if this app is in the background, it will block then the access to the camera. Try closing down other apps that might be accessing the camera and restarting the browser.
  • You might be running a virtual machine such as Parallels or VMWare at the same time as accessing the webcam in a browser window. If the webcam is connected to the VM, then the browser cannot access these devices on the host computer.
  • If you are embedding the Clipchamp API on a website that uses an unencrypted (http://...) connection, then browsers such as Chrome might block access to the webcam on such sites by default. Chrome considers http sites as insecure. In such a case, we recommend to either use the “force-popout” flag (of the “experimental” parameter) or even better to serve your site on a secure https connection.

In addition, please also try the following:

  1. If the error occurs on a Mac, open Phonebooth and check if it can access the camera; on Windows, try the same with Skype;
  2. Go to another website (such as https://www.onlinemictest.com/webcam-test/) to check if accessing the webcam works there.
  3. If (2) turns out positive, can you please try accessing your webcam in our consumer service on clipchamp.com?

If none of the above helps, please submit a support ticket to us.

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