*We've discontinued Utilities and video compression. For your video editing needs, check out our online video editor 👀

No, as far as we can tell there are no limits to the size of your input file. 

In Clipchamp Utilities the conversion and compression process happens directly in your browser on your computer without uploading your file to a Cloud-based server for processing, so there is no restriction on the size of your input file.

The same is true of Clipchamp Create. However, users may encounter problems when adding large files to projects depending on the size and complexity of the project and the memory, storage, and processing power of the computer. If this happens, we suggest compressing the files using Utilities before adding them to Create.

We tested video conversion in Clipchamp Utilities on our own computers (a 2010 Dell laptop with a dual-core Intel i5 CPU and a 2013 Macbook Pro with a quad-core Intel i7 CPU) with video files of up to 5GB size and the service worked just fine. Some users successfully converted bigger input files of up to 50 GB and you're welcome to give it a go yourself as well. Please note that the bigger the input video file, the higher the frame rate and resolution, the longer the conversion process takes.


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