Yes, the Clipchamp video API's webcam recorder lets you set a limit (in seconds) for videos that your users can record on your website.

The corresponding API parameter is camera.limit.

To use it, simply add it to your existing Clipchamp script. In the example below, we set a max. recording time of 30 seconds:

clipchamp(..., {
 camera: {
 limit: 30

Limiting the maximum recording time is available in any API plan, however the maximum possible recording length per video is 5 minutes (300 seconds) in the Entry and Professional plans.

If you'd like to let users record for more than 5 minutes per video, this is an option in the API's Business and Enterprise plans using the overlong-recording option.

With this option enabled in combination with the camera.limit parameter, you can extend the maximum recording time to a value of your choosing > 5 mins.

Please note that there is no timely limit for video files that users already have available on their devices and are uploading to you, if you offer them the option to upload existing video files in addition to (or instead of) letting them record webcam videos directly on your website.

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