Yes, you can embed multiple Clipchamp buttons on a website or page. When clicked, each button will launch a separate instance of the Clipchamp API including its JS webcam input option if this is one of the input options you selected. Note that the buttons will not work at the same time, only in sequence.

For instance, this is useful in cases where you're asking your website visitors to answer a number of questions and would like them to record a new video for each answer - as some of our API customers do.

Each of their answers will then get uploaded as a separate video file to your cloud storage.

The way it works is that you need to place the API embed code in the HTML of each page that you'd like to embed a recording & uploading button on. Next, you need to adapt the upload parameter used for the API on each page to reflect the different upload folder videos submitted from this particular button instance should be submitted to - in the Google Drive example, this would be the gdrive.folder option on

We recommend for a developer or software engineer to perform such an implementation.

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