Yes this is possible by embedding more than 1 Clipchamp button and setting a different upload target per button instance.

Please note that in our WordPress plugin, all embedded Clipchamp buttons can only upload to the same upload target, e.g. the same Google Drive folder if Google Drive is the upload destination you set.

However implementing our JavaScript video camera API manually without making use of the WordPress plugin allows you to define a separate upload destination per embedded video button in the code of each button instance, e.g. so you can send user videos to a different folder on Google Drive per button instance.

This initial setup guide covers the steps necessary to integrate the API without the WordPress plugin.

The way the setup of more than 1 upload destination works is that you need to place the API embed code in the HTML of each page that you'd like to embed a recording & uploading button on.

Next, you need to adapt the upload parameter used for the API on each page to reflect the different upload folder that videos submitted from this particular button instance should be sent to - in the Google Drive example, this would be the gdrive.folder option on

We recommend for a developer of software engineer to perform such an implementation.

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