Clipchamp products works best in Google Chrome and the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge on laptop or desktop computers. 

Our service pushes web browsers to their limits by using many newer technologies. Different browsers support those technologies to a varying degree and sometimes not at all.

1) Create

The Clipchamp Create video editor is currently supported in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based version) and other Chromium-based browsers on desktop and laptop computers.

This includes browsers such as Brave, however in Brave you might see an error notification about "unsupported hardware or outdated Chrome version". If this happens, it may be due to the anti-fingerprinting feature in the Brave Shields and you can try the following to solve things:

  • click the lion icon to the right of the address bar,

  • temporarily allow fingerprinting on the Clipchamp page.

2) Utilities

For Clipchamp Utilities our engineering team has worked hard to support all the major web browsers out there, however for the time being we fully support recent releases of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. Safari and Internet Explorer 11 are partially supported. Utilities does not work on mobile devices.

3) Mobile app

Our mobile app currently works on iOS.

4) Collect API

Our Clipchamp Collect API supports video recording and uploading in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari on desktops and laptops, and in mobile Safari (iOS) and mobile Chrome (Android) on mobile devices.


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