When you record a video with your webcam, words or text can show up back-the-front or "mirrored" in some recording programs, like this:

If you're using the webcam recording feature in the Clipchamp online video editor, when you finish the recording and the video has finished processing, the text will get shown the correct way in the final video file.

Clipchamp switches the recorded image around automatically so that any text you recorded should get displayed as intended:

However, if this doesn't work, or if you used another program to record your video and it is still showing the wrong way, you can easily use our video editor to flip your video around so text displays correctly (it's free!) – just see this help article for a step by step guide:

The Clipchamp editor also has other options to help you change the way a video displays, e.g. rotate and crop and colour change editing options.

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