This article relates to video recordings made with the Clipchamp Utilities webcam recorder. If you're using Clipchamp Create video editor, and would like to flip a video in your project so text displays correctly, please see this article instead.

When you start a recording in Utilities, before and during the recording any text will look mirrored on your screen, as shown in this example:

However, when you finish the recording and the video has finished processing, the text will get shown the correct way in the final video file.

Clipchamp switches the recorded image around automatically so that any text you recorded should get displayed as intended.

If that is not the case, or you would like to change the way the video displays, you can use our rotate and flip editing options that appear in the top left of your screen once you finish the recording:

Simply make the changes you want, then click Done.

You will be taken to a Save and Share screen, where once the video has finished processing you can download or upload your finished file.

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