After editing a video in Clipchamp and exporting it, you have the option to upload it directly to YouTube:

However, sometimes there are errors in this upload process. This article lists steps you can take to fix the problem if:

  1. the upload appears to finish successfully (it reaches 100%) but you don't see the video in your YouTube channel

  2. you see an error message or nothing happens when you try to upload to YouTube


1. What to do if the video uploaded but is not showing in your YouTube channel

Once you successfully finish uploading a video, the progress bar will reach 100% and a link will display:

If you see this link but you can't see the video in your channel, it's possible your video may not appear due to your YouTube account's privacy settings.

Try locating the video in YouTube's "Video Manager". To access the Video Manager, use this link or go to and log in to your account. Click on "My Channel", then "Video Manager", then "Videos".

Do you see the video you uploaded in there? If so, you can change the privacy settings to make it appear publicly in your channel, as well as make other adjustments.

In addition to uploading to YouTube, we recommend you also save the video to your computer (this saving process is instant and will not take extra time). This ensures you have a local copy in case of any upload problems.


2. What to do if you see an error message or nothing happens

If you're using Clipchamp's direct YouTube upload option and are seeing an error message during the upload process, or the upload does not start at all:

  • disable extensions such as Ghostery and AdBlock Plus and reload the page (IMPORTANT: if you reload the page you will have to convert, compress or record your video again. If you don't want to do this, we recommend saving the video to your computer and uploading it separately via

  • check you are logged in to the correct YouTube account (e.g. open YouTube in another tab), then retry the upload.

  • if your video is longer than 15minutes, check if your YouTube account is set up for long video uploads – see this YouTube help article for how to do this.

If you have followed the above steps and the problem persists, try deleting the browser cookies on that are related to Google and YouTube. In Chrome you can do this by clicking the lock symbol in the browser address bar, then clicking on Cookies:

In the popup that comes up, remove all entries related to Google and YouTube (e.g. select and and click Remove):

After that, close the popup and reload the page (once again, we recommend saving the video to your computer first if you don't want to lose it). Then try exporting and uploading your video again. You will be prompted to login and connect your YouTube account again.

If the steps above do not help, we suggest you save the processed video to your computer and then upload it directly on

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