If you'd like to delete the link to Clipchamp from your Chrome Apps, here is how to do it: 

(Please note that Clipchamp doesn't install any files on your computer so there is nothing to uninstall)

In Chrome, enter chrome://apps into the address bar:

and hit Enter.

This will bring up a screen that lists all the Chrome Apps that you have links to or installed:

On that page, right-click on the Clipchamp icon and select "Remove from Chrome". That's it, the link to Clipchamp is now removed from your Chrome Apps.


To remove the Clipchamp app from your Chromebook, open the Chromebook Launcher and click on the Clipchamp icon by tapping 2 fingers on your touchpad (which is the "right-mouse-click" on Chromebooks), then select "Remove from Chrome" from the menu.

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