*We've discontinued Utilities and video compression. For your video editing needs, check out our online video editor 👀

Here are some steps to check in case the Clipchamp Utilities converter/compressor doesn't work (for example if the page freezes or crashes, you can't load the page, you can't convert or record a video, a recording or conversion fails, or you get an error message saying "something went wrong". These steps may also help if you can't save a converted video, or if your conversion progress gets stuck or frozen on 100% for a long time).

NOTE: If you are using Clipchamp Create, please see these related support articles instead: Make sure Create works well for you or What to do if your assets aren't loading.


Troubleshooting steps

1. Update your browser (preferably Chrome) to the latest version 

We recommend using Google Chrome browser with Clipchamp as it will work the most reliably. We especially recommend it if you are trying to convert a large file (e.g. larger than 2GB) as some other browsers can struggle to compress large files – a common reason a conversion can fail to complete. You can download Chrome for free here

If you're already using Chrome, make sure you update to the latest version – (see updating Chrome, or if you're on a Chromebook, updating your operating system) and reload the page.

If you're using Firefox, here's how to update Firefox. Make sure you're using the 64-bit version of Firefox if you're on a Windows computer.

If you're using Safari on a Mac, here's how to update Safari. It's particularly important to update if you're using Safari version 10 or lower because there is a bug in an old version that means saving might not work or the Save button might not appear. Our users often encounter problems in Safari so we highly recommend using Chrome instead.


2. Try emptying your browser cache

Here's how to empty the cache in Chrome and how to empty the cache in Firefox.

In the Clear browsing data menu select All time and Cached images and files (or Cached web content in Firefox), then click Clear Data.

After that, reload Clipchamp, log back into your account and try the video processing again.


3. Close other tabs and background applications

We recommend closing all other browser tabs in Chrome and also closing other applications that might be running in the background (for instance Google Hangouts) while attempting a conversion to free up processing power and memory.

This is something we particularly recommend if you are using a Chromebook, since Chromebooks can unfortunately be a bit slower than many Windows or Mac computers.


4. Run Clipchamp Utilities in your browser's incognito (or private) mode

It can sometimes help to run a conversion or compression in your browser's incognito (Chrome) or private browsing (Firefox) mode instead.


5. Make sure your computer has sufficient disk space

Please make sure that there is enough free space on your computer's internal HDD or SSD, which is required for temporary project files and space during the video processing phase. The available free space should be more than the size of the video file you're trying to process. If a video has failed to process, lack of space or memory is a common reason.


6. Disable extensions

Sometimes extensions like Ghostery or Adblock Plus can cause issues or errors, particularly with uploading to YouTube and Google Drive. We recommend disabling these for https://util.clipchamp.com (your Utilities dashboard)

To disable Ghostery, click the Ghostery icon in your toolbar and choose "Trust Site" and reload the page. 

To disable Adblock Plus, click the ABP icon in your toolbar and choose "Disable on this site" and reload the page.

Some other extensions can interfere with Clipchamp if you have them installed. Try temporarily disabling some or all extensions in Chrome by opening a new browser tab and going to chrome://extensions/. Uncheck the "Enabled" boxes next to the extensions and reload the page.


If Conversion or Compression Still Don't Work

If none of the steps suggest above helped, please contact us using the chat widget in the bottom right of the screen with the following information:

  • your operating system

  • your browser and its version

  • file size of input video

  • format of input video

  • resolution of input video

  • selected output settings in Clipchamp

  • any error messages you're seeing

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