There are 2 options.

Option 1 - Essentials and M365 plans

If you're on the new Clipchamp Essentials plan or the plan that is included in your M365 personal or family subscription, when you go to the billing page of your Clipchamp account you will see this button:

Clicking it will take you to your Microsoft account's services & subscriptions page where you can cancel the Clipchamp Essentials plan or cancel the M365 plan that your Clipchamp account is connected to.

Refunds for Essentials and M365 plans

Please see this article about managing a Microsoft subscription.

Option 2 - legacy plans (Creator, Business, Business Platinum)

If you're on one of the Clipchamp legacy subscription plans Creator, Business or Business Platinum, go to the billing page at There, you can cancel your subscription by clicking Cancel plan and following the prompts.

Make sure you complete all steps of the cancellation process. You will receive a confirmation email when the cancellation is completed.

Refunds for legacy plans

When you cancel your Creator, Business or Business Platinum plan, it will stop immediately and you will receive a prorated refund for the remainder of the current billing period.

Your account will go back onto the free tier of Clipchamp afterwards.

For more details, please see

Deleting an account

If you would like to remove your Clipchamp account, please see: How to delete a Clipchamp account.

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