If you have a subscription to one of our Clipchamp products you can cancel it on your account/profile page.

1) Personal plans

For personal plans, the billing section of the profile is at https://app.clipchamp.com/account/billing.

You can also click on Settings on the dashboard page, then on Billing in the menu on the left.

Click on Cancel plan and follow the prompts.


2) Team plans

For team plans, you can get to the billing settings by clicking on Settings

in the bottom left corner of the dashboard at https://app.clipchamp.com/.

Then, select your team name and click on Billing in the menu:

The Cancel link is under the plan features overview:

Make sure to access the page on a laptop or desktop computer, preferably in Chrome or Edge. If you're not seeing a cancellation option on the profile page, make sure that you're logged into the correct Clipchamp account if you have more than 1 in place.



Refunds for the current billing period are not included when you cancel your account, but after cancelling your account you will not be charged for any additional renewal periods.

You can continue to use your plan features until the end of the billing period (which will be at the end of the monthly or annual period depending on the billing frequency you chose when signing up to the plan). For more details please see https://clipchamp.com/en/terms.


Deleting an account

If you would like to deactivate your Clipchamp account altogether, please see: How to deactivate and delete a Clipchamp account.


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