Option 1 - stopping a paid plan only

IMPORTANT - if you would like to cancel a subscription to one of our paid plans and would like to keep using the free Clipchamp tier, please see: How do I cancel my plan.

Option 2 - deleting an account

To remove a Clipchamp account incl. its data, please contact our support team through the chat widget on this page by clicking on the purple bubble in the bottom right or by writing to support(at)clipchamp.com from the email address that is connected to your Clipchamp account.

Deleting your account incl. its data will let you use the same email address to open a fresh account that will not contain any of your previous data.

In order for our support team to process your account deletion request, you'll have to provide some account ownership evidence. The team will let you know about the details in the chat.

Please note that deleting a Clipchamp account and its data does not delete your Microsoft account if you connected one in Clipchamp. At this stage, Clipchamp and Microsoft accounts and their data are managed separately.

IMPORTANT - before requesting the deletion of your Clipchamp account and if you have a paid subscription for our Essentials plan in place, please cancel the paid plan first.

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