To register for a Clipchamp account, you can either use your Microsoft, Google, Dropbox or Facebook account, your email address by itself with our magic link option, or a traditional email + password combination.

Even after you sign up, you can use any of these login methods to get you into your account – as long as they are connected to the same email address the system will associate them.

So for example if you create an account using a magic link and would like to add an email + password sign-in option later, you can do so by following the steps below.


Signing up to Clipchamp with email & password

1) Go to

2) Log out of any existing sessions

If you already have an account and are currently logged in, log out by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner and clicking sign out. (You need to do this even if you want to change the login method for that particular account.)

3) Switch to the Signup screen

If you see the "log in to your account" screen, switch to the Signup screen by clicking the Sign up link in the text in the top right corner:

4) Personalize your Clipchamp Experience

5) Choose "Use my email"

After choosing what purpose you use Clipchamp for, you'll see a 'Create your account' screen. Click on Use my email.

6) Select "Use password instead"

In the grey text at the bottom of the window, click on password.

7) Fill in your details and choose a password for your account

Once you've entered your details click the Sign up button.

IMPORTANT: If you want to add an email & password login for an existing Clipchamp account (e.g. an account you already created using Google, Facebook or a magic link), make sure you enter the same email address as the one associated with that account. If the email is the same, when you click Sign up then Clipchamp will associate the two login methods with the one account.

8) Confirm you email address

You will see a message asking you to check your email inbox, like this:

Go to your email inbox, find the email from Clipchamp and click on the Click here to confirm email button, or copy and paste the link displayed below it into your browser.

This will log you in to your Clipchamp account, which will now have an email and password login option added. 

9) Logging in in the future:

When you want to log in with your email and password  in future, just click the use password instead button on the Login screen:

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