There are 2 options.

Option 1 - Essentials and M365 plans

If you're on the new Clipchamp Essentials plan or the plan that is included in your M365 subscription, when you go to the billing page of your Clipchamp account you will see this button:

Clicking it will take you to your Microsoft account's services & subscriptions page where you can access receipts.

Option 2 - Clipchamp legacy plans (Creator, Business, Business Platinum)

If you're on one of the Clipchamp legacy subscription plans Creator, Business or Business Platinum, go to the billing page at

This is where you can download invoices for past transactions such as monthly or annual charges.

Step 1. Go to Settings

If you've subscribed to a paid plan for Clipchamp video editor in your personal workspace and would like to download an invoice, you can do this on your Billing page at

To get to it, click on the profile icon in the top right of the home page and select Settings.

Step 2. Select Billing from the left-hand menu

Step 3. Download invoices

Scroll down to the Invoice History section and click the DOWNLOAD button next to the invoice you'd like to view or save.

The statements will be saved to your Downloads folder as PDFs. Note that we also send a receipt for the Clipchamp subscription signup charge to the email address we have associated with your account.

If you're not seeing the invoices you expect, make sure that you're logged into the correct Clipchamp account if you have more than one in place.


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