You can add text, titles, captions or subtitles to your videos by dragging a title card into the timeline of your Create project. Here's how:


How to add text to your video

1. Click the Text menu button 

Select Text in the menu on the left hand side of your project:


2. Choose a title from the menu

Hover your cursor over the options to see what each motion title looks like. Some are for adding a subtitle or caption at the bottom of the screen, others are for adding a central heading or title, others for adding rolling credits. 

You might need to scroll using the bar on the right to see all of the options:

NOTE: in each template the text appears and disappears in different ways. It is not possible to manually change this motion, other than by choosing a new template.


3. Drag and drop the title into the timeline

Once you've found a title you like, drag and drop it from the menu into your timeline. A new track will appear above your videos with the title clip in it:


4. Change the location and length of the title in the timeline

Move the title clip in the timeline so it is above the part of the video you want it to appear on. Hold-click and drag the edges to trim or stretch it to your desired length:


5. Select the title and click 'Text' at the top of the screen

Click on your title in the timeline so it is selected (it will be highlighted). A title editing menu will appear at the top of the editor. Click on Text:


6. Type into the TEXT field

In the Title Menu dropdown, replace the default "Your text goes here" and write your own text in its place:

If you want to change the font, click the dropdown under FONT. Scroll through the options (using your mouse scroller or two fingers on your track pad) or search for a font in the field at the top. 

If you need more space to see your text, drag the bottom right corner of the text field down or across.


7. Change the title size or position in the TRANSFORM menu

Adjust the SIZE of the text by dragging the slider to the left or right.

Adjust the POSITION of the title on screen (e.g. centre, right, left, bottom, top) by clicking on one of the squares in the position grid.

We've updated some titles to be "freehand enabled".

Select the title in the timeline and then click on the stage.


8. Change the text color in the COLORS menu

Choose a new colour by clicking on the dropdown and:

  • choosing a colour from the preset palette at the bottom; OR 

  • clicking the rainbow symbol and adjusting the slider, dot or RGB values; OR 

  • entering a colour code.

If the title style you chose has elements in different colours, you might see additional color options that you can edit separately, such as:






9. If necessary, adjust the settings in other menus

Some title styles will offer additional menus at the top of the screen, such as:

  • LOGO: you can add a logo and adjust the size (this is a premium branding feature only available on certain paid plans or for one-off payments).

  • TIMING: you can adjust timings of motions in the title.

  • STARS: you can adjust the number of stars displayed in the title's star rating.

NOTE: some titles blur or darken the video in the background. This feature usually cannot be edited, so if you want to remove it we suggest choosing a different title.


10. Preview your title

Once you're finished editing your title, close the title editing menu by clicking elsewhere in the editor. 

Use the play button in the preview window to see what your title looks like.


Adding a title over black or a solid colour

If you'd like your title to appear over black or another colour, add a background clip underneath it. To do this, click on Background in the left side menu bar:

Then drag "black" from the menu to the timeline, and position it under the title:

You can adjust the length of the background clip by dragging the edges left or right. Now your title will appear over black.

You can also add white or colour backgrounds behind a title. To edit the colour of a background, click on the clip in the timeline (so it is highlighted) and use the Color menu that appears at the top of the screen. To learn more, see: adding black or a solid colour.


Try it out

Ready to get started? Head straight to Create to try it out for yourself:

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