Yes, it's possible to add a logo (png or jpg) image over the top of videos in Create.

If you're a Business or Business Platinum user you'll also have access to customised branding, which means you can use the Logo menu to reposition, resize, rotate, flip or change the opacity of logos. Instructions and images can be found below.

If you're a Basic (free) or Creator user, you can still add images to your projects via the Add Media button and place them in projects the same as videos, but you won't have access to the customisation and resizing features shown below unless you upgrade.


Placing a logo over a video

To place your logo on top of a moving video, click on Brand in the left menu of your project (click more to see the Brand menu), then click on the Upload a logo button:

Choose the logo you would like to add from your computer and click Open

TIPS: Make sure it is a high resolution png file or jpg file, and no larger than 5MB in size. If you would like to avoid an unwanted white or black background, ensure the logo has a transparent background.

Once the file has been added, drag and drop it into the timeline above the part of the video you want it to appear on or click the add or plus icon.

Drag and click the edges of the logo card in the timeline if you would like to shorten or lengthen it to adjust how long the logo appears for. 

Click on the logo card in the timeline to ensure it is selected (it will be outlined with colour when selected) and a logo editing menu will appear in the top left.

In the menu that appears you can:

  • click on the POSITION tiles to change the position of the logo on screen

  • drag the SIZE slider left or right to adjust the size of the logo

  • drag the OPACITY slider left or right to adjust the transparency of the logo

  • use the ROTATE and FLIP options to rotate or flip the logo

Here's an example of how the logo position, size and opacity has been changed:

If the logo is getting lost in the colours of the video, you can also try adding a filter like blur or grey to the video behind it, which will look something like this:

Here's a blog article with a few more tips on branding your videos.

NOTE: you can also easily change the logo image to another that you've uploaded by. All you have to is to delete the existing logo from your timeline, then add/ replace it to your preferred logo.

When you're finished adding your logo, simply close the Logo menu by using the X in the top right corner.


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