Spice up your videos by adding fun transitions with Clipchamp. All you need to do is drag and drop your video to your timeline, select the transition tab on the toolbar, then drag a transition onto the timeline.

You can also add a fade-in or fade-out to a video, audio, or image clip by selecting it in the timeline and using the fade tab.

How to add a transition

Step 1. Click on the transition tab

On the left toolbar, click on the transition tab to view all of our transitions. Hover your cursor over a transition to view a preview of it.

Step 2. Add a transition between two clips

To add a transition between two video clips, drag and drop a transition onto the timeline between the clips. The transition will automatically snap into place on the green transition arrow.

NOTE: Transitions can only be placed between two clips on the same line in the timeline. There cannot be any black time duration between the two clips. The clips must be placed next to each other.

The clips must be on the same line in the timeline for you to be able to add a transition between them. If there is any blank space between the clips, the transition will not be added.

Step 3. Edit the duration of your transition (optional)

If you want to edit your transition, click on the transition tab on the right property panel. You will be able to change your transition or edit the duration.

To edit the duration of your transition, slide the toggle left and right.

How to fade a video clip in and out

To add a fade to a video, image, or audio clip, ensure you've added the clip to the timeline.

Step 1. Click on your video on the timelime

To reveal fade editing options, click on your video in the timeline, so it's highlighted green. Then, click on the fade tab on the property panel.

Slide the toggle left and right to add fade-in and fade-out time durations. The maximum length is 2 seconds.

How to fade in and out audio or music

Fading audio is the same process as fading in and out video clips. Click on your audio file on the timeline so it's highlighted green. Then use the fade-in and fade-out handles to adjust the fades.

NOTE: If your video has audio within the video, the fade effect will be applied to the video's audio automatically. Fading audio separately will only work if the audio file is separate from the video in the timeline. You can, however, edit your video's audio separately by detaching the audio from your video.

Removing a fade effect or transition

You can remove a fade at any time by clicking on the clip in the timeline, then clicking on the fade tab and dragging the sliders/handles back to their original position on the left-hand side.

To remove a transition, simply click select the transition in the timeline (the icon between the two clips) and hit the delete key or the trash icon.

Try it out

Ready to get started? Head straight to Clipchamp to try it out for yourself:

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