Deleting sections of a video

If you want to delete whole parts of a video (e.g. remove the last 10 seconds) from the timeline of your Create project, you can:

  • use the trim tool, orĀ 

  • use the split tool and then click on and delete the unwanted part (using the delete key on your keyboard).


Removing logos, titles or watermarks

It is not possible to remove overlaid elements like titles, logos or watermarks from videos using Create if these elements are part of the original imported clip.

Cropping the video may help to remove an unwanted element at the edge of the frame. Create currently doesn't support free-hand cropping but we're working on adding this feature. In the meantime, you can use the cropping feature in our video converter tool.

Otherwise we suggest exporting a title-free or logo-free version of your video from the original source.


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