This article shows you how to log in and log out of Create, and gives tips for what to do if you're having trouble logging in or want to change your login method.

If you've never used Create before, and want to sign up for a new account, please see this article instead: Signing up to Create


How to log in to a Create account

You can sign in to your Clipchamp account by visiting this login page:

OR by going to the Clipchamp home page and clicking the login button in the top right.

You'll see a screen that says Log into your account. If you don't, and are automatically logged into an existing account instead, you can log out and log in to a different account by following the steps shown further down in this article.

You can use the same login method you used before.

If you would like to use a different login method, e.g. you logged in with Google last time but would like to log in with email instead, this is possible too. As long as the login method you use is associated with the same email address, you will be logged into the same account. 

So if you sign up with a Google account, and then log in later using the email address that is associated with that Google account (a "magic link" will be sent to that email address to log in with) you'll be logged in to the same Clipchamp account.

If you would like to set up a password for your account, so that you can use an email  + password combination to log in in future, please see this article: How do I add an email and password login option to my account? 

If you already have a password, and would like to reset it, please see this article: How do I reset my account password?

NOTE: you can use the same account login for both the Create and Utilities Clipchamp products.

*We've discontinued Utilities and video compression. For your video editing needs, check out our online video editor 👀


How to log out of a Create account

If you're logged in to Create and want to log out, you can do so by clicking your user icon in the top right of the editor or projects page, and choosing sign out from the drop down:

You will be logged out of your account. If you'd like to sign in again to another account, simply enter your new log in details on the screen that appears.

If you'd like to sign up to a new account, or add a password login to an existing account, click the "Don't have an account? Sign up" link in the top right of the log in screen.

Then follow the prompts. 

The sign up process for a new account is also shown in more detail in this article.


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