When you add footage, image and audio files to your video, Clipchamp temporarily saves copies of these files in your browser cache.

If the cache has been emptied, or these temp working files have been removed for some other reason (e.g. there is not enough space in the cache or low memory), Clipchamp might ask you to locate them from your computer's drive when you re-open the video. 

NOTE: you can avoid locating files in future by using our cloud storage feature.

To restore your files to a video, click on the purple locate missing files message that appears above my media:

In the window that appears, click Locate folder.

In the file search window, locate the folder with the original files and click Upload to connect them to your video again.

A warning will appear asking you if you want to upload the files.

Click Upload to continue and locate your files. Clipchamp will only add the relevant files to your cache again, not other files in the folder.

You can also choose to locate files individually if you don't want to upload a whole folder. Simply click on a file on the list.

Then find the file on your computer and click upload. Repeat this process until all files are located. Located files will be added automatically on to my media and they will appear in your timeline.

NOTE: if you've used stock footage and audio in your project, you won't need to locate them. These files are always available online.

Once all your files are located, the window will close automatically and you'll be able to edit your video again.

If you'd like to go back to the editor without locating all files, simply click Return to editor at the bottom of the window.

To avoid locating files in future, you can make use of the cloud storage feature, which is available to all paid plans.


What if I can't find my files?

Clipchamp is fast and private because it doesn't upload your video, image or music files to an online location for processing. Your files always stay on your computer, unless you choose to back them up online using our cloud storage feature.

This does, however, mean you have to keep your original files, and if you've lost them we have no way of retrieving them for you. If you've deleted them, we suggest retrieving the files from your original source – e.g. many smartphones keep backups of deleted videos for a certain number of days.


Problems with locating files

If you have added an unsupported file type. this can sometimes cause problems locating them. If this happens we suggest reloading the page, or logging out of Clipchamp and logging in again, then attempting to reopen the video.


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