You can use Clipchamp to trim videos to shorten them or remove parts of your video from the start or end of video clips.

How to trim a video in Clipchamp

Step 1. Drag and drop the video into the timeline

Drag and drop your media from the your media tab onto the timeline.

Click on the media asset and make sure it's highlighted green.

Step 2. Drag the sidebars of the clip to trim or extend the duration

When your clip is highlighted green on the timeline, sidebars will appear on each end of your clip. Use your cursor to drag the sidebars left and right to trim or extend your video.

Note: Use the timestamps displayed on the top of the timeline as a guide if you want to trim or extend your video to a precise time.

We have trimmed our media by dragging the right sidebar to the left.

How to trim multiple assets at once

If you want to trim all of your timeline assets at once, simply group your media together first.

Hold down the shift key on your keyboard, then click all of your media on the timeline. Next, right-click and click group.

Once your items are grouped, use your cursor to drag the sidebars left and right to trim or extend your video.

How to zoom in or out of the timeline

Use the zoom-in and zoom-out buttons to help trim your videos more precisely.

To do this, click the plus (+) and minus (-) icons in the top right corner of the timeline.

For more information on how to use the timeline, see working with the timeline.

How is trimming different from splitting and cropping a video?

Splitting a clip allows you to cut a clip in half and move the two parts separately. You can also use this method to 'trim' by splitting the clip and then deleting the remaining part. To learn how to split a clip, see: splitting or cutting video and audio clips.

Cropping a clip allows you to remove unwanted edges or black bars you see in the frame of a video to "zoom in" on it. It is different from trimming, which is just shortening a clip. To learn how to crop a video, see: cropping videos or images.

Try it out

Ready to try trimming a video, audio, or image clip?

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