To add a video file to your Create project, you can either use the Add Media button, or you can drag and drop the file from your computer into the media area. The two processes are shown with images below.

If you would  like to add videos from the stock library instead, please see: Adding stock videos.


Option 1: The Add Media Button

Click on the "Add Media" button:

Click on 'browse my files' in the left-side window that appears. 

(Note: the right window gives you the option to add videos or music from our stock library. These will be watermarked unless your account is on a Create Plan that includes access to stock assets.)

In the file browsing menu that opens, find the video file on your computer. Select it and click "open":

The video will now appear in your media library:

To edit the video, drag and drop it into to the timeline. For tips on how to work with your videos in the timeline, see working with the timeline.


Option 2: Drag and Drop 

Find the video on your computer (e.g. on your desktop), then drag the video from your computer and drop it into the media area, like this:

It will now appear in your media library. To start editing the video, add it to the timeline below by dragging and dropping it.

For tips on how to work with videos in the timeline, and zoom in and out, see working with the timeline.

You can also add more videos to the timeline, as well as image and audio files. When you export your project these will be combined into one video file that you can save to your computer.


What to do if a video doesn't import

If the video doesn't appear when you try to add it, or doesn't load properly:


Try it out

Head over to Create to try it out for yourself:

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