How to close/exit a video from inside the editor

To exit a video and return to the home page, simply select the menu at the top corner of the editor. Then, select back to home.

This will close the video and return you to the home page. You can reopen your video by clicking on its title or image preview on this screen. It should appear under the your videos heading.

Your videos are automatically saved while you work, so there is no need to save your video before exiting.

However, it is important you keep the original video, image, and audio source files (the files you added to your project) on your computer and don't delete or change them because you may be asked to relink these files in the future.

How to delete a video from your video library

To delete a video in the your videos section, click on the three dots button to open some video options.

Click on the delete button to permanently delete your video project.

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