This article shows you how to start a new project when you're logged in to the Create video editor. If you haven't signed in yet or used our editor before, please see our signing up to Create article first.


Starting a new project

If you've just signed up or signed in to Clipchamp Create, you'll be on your Projects Page. This is the web address of your Projects Page:

The screen will look like this. In our example screenshot all options to start a new editing project are highlighted in red.

If you're in a project already, you can return to the overview page by opening the menu in the top left and clicking on Back to videos. Or you can start a new editing project by clicking on Create a video.

New projects default to a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9. You can change the aspect ratio by clicking on the dropdown in the top right:


Where to next?

If you'd like to know how to start editing videos in your new project, check our how to edit a video help article. It provides quick tips and images that show you how to use Create's editing features. 


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