Clipchamp automatically saves progress while you work on your video. However, if you've finished editing and are ready to download the video to your computer or share it with others online, it's time to export.

Step 1. Click the export button in the top right of the editing interface

Step 2. Select your desired video resolution

You'll see a screen where you need to choose your desired video quality.

  • 480p video quality is suitable for drafts.

  • 720p video quality is suitable for social media videos.

  • 1080p HD video quality is suitable for video streaming platforms and presentations.

If you've used a premium feature and are on a Free plan, you'll see diamond symbols next to the exporting options.

If you're not ready to upgrade, export in 720p or 1080p watermarked.


Upgrade before exporting to the Essentials plan.

Step 3. Export your video

The video will start exporting and you'll see a progress bar with a percentage indicator.

If your video is slow to export or doesn't export, see this help article for tips on how to improve the export speed. Note that higher resolutions will take longer to export.

Once your video has finished exporting, your video will automatically save to your computer.

Step 4. Share your video

Save and share your video to the following integrations:

  • Save to Box

  • Save to OneDrive

  • Save to Google Drive

  • Save to Dropbox

  • Upload to YouTube

  • Send to TikTok

  • Pin to Pinterest

  • Share to LinkedIn (only works for company accounts NOT personal accounts)

Create a watch page in Clipchamp to share your video with viewers and obtain an embed link.

You can also use any of our more sharing options button. For more information, see: sharing a video from Clipchamp.

Export format

Your exported video will be a MPEG 4 (.mp4) file with the file name you chose.
The frame rate will usually be 30fps


If you have problems or encounter errors when exporting your video, please see this article for a number of troubleshooting tips that may help you to export successfully.

Try it out

Ready to go? Head straight to Clipchamp to finish your video:

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