In the current version of Create it is not possible to add rolling end credits to a video. We plan to add this feature in future releases.

However, it is possible to add a static credit with a list of names, or a series of static credits with names. See below for tips on how to do this.


Creating a centred credit with a list of names

To create a title card with many lines on it, for example a list of cast and crew:

1. From the Title menu, drag a centred title to the timeline

2. Select the title in the timeline

Click on the title in the timeline so it is selected (it will be highlighted). A title editing menu will appear in the top left.

3. Reduce the font size in the title editing menu and add your text

Use the title editing menu that appears on the left to reduce the font size to a smaller number, e.g. 60. 

Then add several lines of text into the text field. Use the return key on your keyboard when you want to add a new line. You can also add dots and dashes, like in our examples below.

If you’re working with a lot of text, we recommend making the text field bigger by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner of the window down, as shown here:

You can also edit the font, colour and style of your text.

Our example cast list now looks like this:

If you have more names to show than will fit on one title, you can add several static list titles one after another. For example, here is a separate crew list:

You can also add several titles with individual names and larger font if you want to highlight key names, e.g. key roles:

4. Close the window

Once you are finished editing your title, close the title editing menu by clicking the X in the top left of the window.


Editing the background of your credits

To make your credits appear over a video, add a video to your media library, then drag the video to your timeline so it is positioned below the title.

To edit the background of the title itself, click the Background tab in the title editing menu and use the colour and transparency options (for more detailed instructions, see: Adding titles to your project)

To make your credits appear over a black background, you can either position them over a blank space in the timeline, or go to the Background menu on the left and drag the Black background to the timeline below your title (see: Adding black or a solid colour). You can also use this to add a coloured background.


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