In the Create editor it's easy to add rolling end credits to your video – simply find the "Credits Roll" motion title in the Text Menu and add it to your timeline. 

You can also add a static credit with a list of names, e.g. cast and crew, or a series of static credits with names, by adding other title styles.

See below for a step-by-step guide with images.

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How to add rolling credits

First start a Create project or open an existing project, then:

1. Add the 'Credits Roll' title from the Text Menu

Open the Text menu in the left hand of the editor and scroll until you see a title called Credits Roll. To add it to the timeline, hit the plus icon, or drag and drop it into place.

2. Select the title and open the Text editing menu

Click on the title in the timeline. Then, in the menu that appears at top of the screen, select Text:

3. Type your credits into the TEXT field and choose a FONT

To expand the text window and see more, drag the bottom right corner down.

To add more lines of text, simply hit the return / enter key on your keyboard. If you position the scrubber (the white bar) in the timeline over the title, you'll see what your credits will look like in the preview window:

4. If you want to change the text size, use the TRANSFORM menu

5. If you want to change the text color, use the COLORS menu

6. Click away to close the window.

Once you're finished editing, close the menu by clicking elsewhere in the editor. Now you can use the play button in the preview window to watch back your title. 

If you want to make it roll more slowly and last longer, just click and drag the edge of the title card in the timeline to the right.


Creating a static centred credit

You can also create a title card with many lines on it that fades in and out instead of rolling. To do this, add a centred-fade-in-and-out-style title such as "Large Heading" from the text menu and follow the same steps as above. Don't forget to reduce the text size to fit all the text on screen. You can add dots, dashes and other characters:

You can also add several titles one after the other to the timeline with individual names and larger font if you want to highlight key cast or crew roles:

Here's an example of what these will look like when you play them back:


Editing the background of your credits

To make your credits appear over a video, add a video to your media library, then drag the video to your timeline so it is positioned below the title.

To make your credits appear over a black background, you can either position them over a blank space in the timeline, or go to the Background menu on the left side of the editor and drag the "Black" background to the timeline below your title (see: Adding black or a solid colour). You can also use this to add a coloured background.

To make the background within your title (if it has one) transparent or invisible, select the title and open the Colors tab. Under BACKGROUND COLOR, click the rainbow symbol and drag the transparency slider down to zero:


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