Clipchamp Create includes support for images, so you can add pictures and photographs to your video projects from your computer (e.g. to create slideshows or add images between video clips). 

You cannot currently add motion effects to images (e.g. pan across, Ken Burns effect, zoom in), however we plan to add this feature soon.

The currently supported image file types are:

  • .jpeg / .jpg
  • .png
  • .tiff
  • .bmp (windows bitmap)
  • .gif *
  • .apng *

*For gif and apng only the first frame of an animation is currently supported.


Adding images from your computer

You can add pictures to your project from your computer in two different ways:

Option 1: drag and drop the file into your media area


Option 2: click on the "Add Media" button

Click on the Add Media button: 

Then click Browse my files, and choose a file from your computer.

Click Open. The image file will now appear in your media library. To start working with the image, add it to the timeline (see below).


Adding an image to the timeline

After you add an image to your project, drag it into your timeline. 

You may need to zoom out to see the full clip using the zoom buttons in the top right of your timeline.

If you're unfamiliar with how the timeline works, see working with the timeline.


Editing the length of your image clip

Images are treated the same as other visual elements in the project, so you are also able to trim and split image clips (the same as you would for video clips) to adjust how long they play for. 

In the below example, we clicked and dragged the edge of the clip to the left to shorten (trim) the image clip so it plays for 10 seconds.


Changing Image Cropping or Rotation

Images come in different shapes and sizes, so sometimes black bars appear on the sides of your image. These black bars mean the image is not the same aspect ratio as the project (it may be either too wide or too high). You may remember setting your aspect ratio when you created your new project.

The current version of Create allows you rotate and flip images, as well as auto fit the image to take up the width of the screen. 

To do edit the image, select the image clip in the timeline. A Transform menu will appear in the top left hand menu area.

In the example below, we chose Crop to Fill to remove the black bars:


Your Final Project

Once you've mastered the ability to add images to your project, it may look something like this:

Happy editing, and stay creative!


Try it out

Head over to Create to try out adding images for yourself:

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