How to rotate a video

Step 1. Drag and drop the video or image into the timeline

Drag and drop the video or image from the Your Media tab into the timeline.

Dragging a video of an airplane into the Clipchamp timeline

Step 2. Click on the clip in the timeline and the Transform menu

The image or video clip will be highlighted when selected. Select Transform from the menu that appears on the top left of the video preview.

Using the transform menu to rotate a video of an airplane in Clipchamp

Step 3. In the Transform menu, click the left or right arrow

In the Transform menu under ROTATE, click on the right arrow to rotate your video clockwise 90 degrees, or the left arrow to rotate counterclockwise 90 degrees.

Zoom in of Transform menu which has Resize, Flip and Rotate options available. Rotate is highlighted in a red box.

Your video will instantly rotate when you click the arrows.

Using Rotate to turn a video of an airplane by 90 degrees in Clipchamp

To rotate the video 180° so it is upside-down, simply click one of the arrows twice. 

Using Rotate icon twice to turn a video of an airplane by 180 degrees in Clipchamp

NOTE: You can also flip videos or images horizontally and vertically using the Flip icons. See this flipping videos article for more information.

Step 4. Close the Transform menu

Once you are finished rotating the clip, close the Transform menu by clicking away on the timeline or by deselecting the clip.

Step 5. Save your final video

If you're finished editing and would like to save the video or videos in your timeline to your computer, click the Export video button in the top right. For more information see: exporting your video.


How to undo a rotation change

You can return the video to its original state at any time by selecting it in the timeline again and clicking arrows until it is returned to its original rotation.

You can also use the Undo button (Ctrl +Z) on the top left of the timeline to undo up to 2 of your actions.

Undo button in Clipchamp timeline

Alternatively, drag and drop the original video into your timeline again from Your Media tab.


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