In Create you can remove a video, image or audio clip, or part of a clip, from your timeline (so it doesn't appear in your finished video), or remove it from your project entirely by deleting it from your media library. See below for instructions.

Note: it is not currently possible to delete the associated audio track from a video. You can, however, mute the video so the audio is no longer audible.


How to remove a clip from your timeline

To delete any clip (including videos, audio clips, images, titles or backgrounds) from the timeline at the base of your project:

1. Click on the clip in the timeline so it is highlighted 

2. Click the delete in the top left of the timeline

Alternatively, hit the delete key on your keyboard.

The clip will now be removed from your timeline:

If you delete a video, image or audio clip (or parts of one) from your timeline, the original clip will still be available in your media library, so you can easily drag and drop it into the timeline again later if you want to.


How to remove part of a clip

If you only want to delete a section of the clip from your timeline, either:


  • use the split tool and then delete the unwanted part by selecting it and clicking delete as shown above.


Deleting from your media library

To remove a file from your project entirely, you need to delete it from the media library. 

1. Find the file in the media area in the top left of your project

If you can't see the file you might have an editing menu open, in which case you need to close it using the X in the top right corner. 

If you are in another menu area, such as Title or Background, you will need to click All Media to see your media files again. 

If you have a lot of files it might be useful to filter your library by Video, Audio or Image to find the file you are looking for:

2. Hover your cursor over the file and click the trash icon in the top right

Move your mouse to the file you want to delete. A red delete icon will appear in the top right corner. Click this icon.

3. Click the red 'Yes, delete' button in the window that appears

A window will appear asking you if you're sure you want to delete the asset, and warning you that this will remove any associated clips from your timeline as well.

Click the red Yes, delete button and the clip will be removed from your project entirely (as well as from your timeline).

If you accidentally delete a clip, you can import the original file into your library again by the usual add media method. It will not, however, repopulate any previous instances of the clip being used in the timeline.


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