This article shows you how to add a few seconds of black, white or any other colour to the timeline of your Create video project. 

(If you would like to remove black from your video, see this article instead: how do I remove blank space at the start or end of my video?)

It also shows you how to make a colour clip semi-transparent (slightly see-through) so you can put over videos to change their colour.

(If you would like to change the contrast, temperature, brightness or saturation of a video clip, see this article instead: How to change the colour of a video)


How to add a black section to your video

1. Select Background in the left side menu of your project

2. Drag and drop Black into the timeline

Hold-click and drag the black square from the Background menu into the timeline where you want it to be. 

In this example, the black is being added at the end of the video:

3. Trim the Black clip to the length you want

Drag the edges of the black background clip to shorten or lengthen it to your desired duration (see trimming a video for tips on how to do this more accurately). 

NOTE: You can also split the clip and delete the unwanted second part if that's easier.

In the above example, the whole video is now 10 seconds long, and includes about 3 seconds of black at the end.


You can also add black clips between two clips, as shown here:

Or put a black clip underneath a title:


How to add a coloured background clip

Follow the steps shown above to add any background clip to your timeline. Then:

1. Click on the background clip in the timeline 

Click on the clip in the timeline so it is selected (it will be highlighted). A Properties menu will appear in the top left, as shown here:

2. Use the Properties menu to change the colour

In the Properties window, drag the circle around to change the tint of the colour:

Move the rainbow slider to the left or right to change the hue of the colour:

In our example, we have now changed the black background clip into a light blue clip:

3. Close the Properties menu

Once you are done editing, you can close the properties menu by clicking the X in the top right corner.


How to add a semi-transparent colour

You can also make a background clip partially transparent, and put it over the top of a video like a mask to give it a distinctive colour / hue.

To do this, follow the steps shown above to add a background clip and change its colour.

Then drag and drop the clip above your video so it appears in a new track. 

In the clip Properties menu, adjust the transparency slider (at the bottom) to your desired transparency:


Try it out

Ready to get started? Head straight to Create to try it out for yourself:

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